Monocle Illustrations / Icons
Miscellaneous spot illustrations and icon sets for a variety of Monocle articles and features.

Art direction: James Melaugh, Jay Yeo, Emma Chiu

Illustration for an article on how improving European parliament buildings improves public policy.

Illustration for an article on pharmaceutical companies encrypting pills to better track patient data.

Miscellaneous icons for subjects ranging from Japanese and British trade relations to creating more efficient use of hydro and solar power in Britain.

Miscellaneous small illustrations for global legislative processes and policies.

Miscellaneous Thailand icons on subject matter ranging from growing Thai obesity to preserving religious relics to regulating shrimp exportation.

Illustration for an article on three Thai businesses that have successfully been exported worldwide.

Illustration for an article on plans to build a sub-Saharan "wall" of vegetation to lessen erosion and create sustainable farming for African farmers short on food supply.

Various icons for the annual culture issue.

Icons for a feature on holiday shopping in Vienna.